Welwyn Garden City Biology Tutor

Very experienced biology teacher and tutor available for A level Biology tuition. I am an experienced tutor of OCR , AQA and Edexcel A level biology syllabuses and an A level biology examiner.

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      I am a professional teacher with over 35 years experience of teaching Biology at A level and science at GCSE. I have tutored many students to increased success in A level Biology and GCSE Science. I have tutored OCR, AQA and Edexcel A level biology courses. I am also an A level Biology examiner.

      My aims when tutoring are to initially identify areas of weakness and then helping the student to overcome these by understanding why something happens. This enables the student to develop a strong foundation which can be built upon to enable them to deal with exam questions more confidently.

      As we get towards exams, I will support and guide the student through the use of exam papers specific for their particular board. This allows the student to develop confidence and knowledge to handle exam questions.
      I am patient, supportive and flexible in my approach and will tutor according to the needs of the student.

      I charge £40 per hour for A level and £35 per hour for GCSE.

      I normally tutor in my home, but may tutor in the student’ s home (within a reasonable distance from WGC).

      I hold a current CRB.
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    1. Availability

      I am available to tutor anytime Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
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