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I am a friendly and motivating Maths and Science tutor with over 30 years of teaching experience. I have helped many young people achieve their target grades/levels in KS3 and GCSE.

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    1. Gopala
      How do you keep in touch with your Maths during the long summer holidays in a fun way?
    2. Gopala
      Try hegarthymaths for your Maths revision
    3. Gopala
      Look for videos online to understand a concept in Science or Maths.
    4. Gopala
      Tuition classes almost full.
    5. Gopala
      Create mindmaps of topics you have learnt at school on daily basis.
    6. Gopala
      Create 5 questions for each page of your Science book and answer them without referring to the book.
    7. Gopala
      How can you use youtube to enhance your learning? Explore.
    8. Gopala
      Started teaching types of number, Prime factors, LCM and HCF this week.
    9. Gopala
      Learn 5 keywords each week for Science and Maths. Know the words thoroughly.
    10. Gopala
      As you start the new academic year, find out the topics you teacher will cover this term.
    11. Gopala
      If you need help with your subjects, find a tutor now and not weeks before the exams as it will be too late then.
    12. Gopala
      Treat Maths like a friend. The more time you spend with it, the better you get to know Maths and the stronger the bond with Maths
    13. Gopala
      Had a nice holiday in Wales.
    14. Gopala
      I am half way through my ebook that will introduce my innovative approach to revising for exams.
    15. Gopala
      Use cue cards to keep track of formulas and main concepts in Maths.
    16. Gopala
      Convert notes to diagrams and tables for reference and improving your memory.
    17. Gopala
      Identify your weaknesses. List them down and work on improving them.
    18. Gopala
      The Mind decides the work and the Body does the work. Beware of what you hold in your Mind as the Body will do just that.
    19. Gopala
      Question: Why learn Maths? Answer: Maths trains you to be methodical.
    20. Gopala
      Question: Why learn Maths? Maths trains you to solve problems in a systematic and logical way.
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