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I’m a highly qualified English teacher-over 17 years of classroom teaching. Offering: English Home schooling & after school sessions: KS1-KS2, KS3-KS4 GCSE Lang/Lit, SEN Mild to Moderate ability

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      I am a highly qualified teacher with over 17 years of classroom teaching experience in two countries. I am professional, fun, upbeat, positive and I understand the needs of students today.

      My goal is to make students comfortable with learning and trusting their inner abilities to do their best.

      I am opening my sessions to daytime hours as of June- teaching English (at all levels) to students that are not able to attend school during normal school hours for personal reasons (long term illness. mental illness, anxiety, depression, immigration, pregnancy, waiting for school placement, behaviour students in-between schools).

      I am patient and understand that each student has different needs in learning.

      I have earned my teaching credentials and QTS status with outstanding results. I specialise in teaching secondary English and AQA exam board GCSE (KS3 and KS4), however I am well versed in teaching KS1 - KS2.

      In the USA, I was a mild to moderate SEN teacher for ages 5-18. I assessed SEN students cognitive ability, verbal and nonverbal intelligence with a battery of tests along with teaching English and Math to students that were diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Aspergers, high functioning Autism, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar and students with emotional disturbances.

      I hope to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities. I aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to trust their own opinions while fostering confidence in order to realise their full potential.

      Qualifications: Current DBS, QTS UK, MS Psychotherapy, MS SEN Mild to Moderate, BA Theatre and Dance
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    1. Availability

      Home Schooling: Monday-Friday (school hours)
      After School Sessions Monday - Friday: 3PM on-wards
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