Richmond and Kingston Photoshop and Illustrator Tutor

I teach Adobe Photoshop for beginners and intermediate level.

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      I teach Adobe Photoshop at Beginners and Intermediate levels, to photographers and students who wish to edit, retouch and enhance their own photographs. I also use Photoshop as a design tool to manipulate and retouch images. I can teach students how to restore, retouch and repair treasured, old family photos which may have been damaged, or have faded over the years. I have designed my own resources and dedicated digital images to edit, and have all the work-throughs for step-by-step tuition.
      I am a teacher and trainer with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and CRB certification. I teach Photoshop CS at two Adult Education Colleges, Kingston Adult Education and Esher College. I can also teach Adobe Illustrator. I use these two applications as an essential part of my main career as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I design photomontages from individual images. Animated gifs attached to view below.
      Tweed-montage-cop-anim.gif Faye-c-montage-anim.gif PGCE-2007-Stu.jpg B.A.-1975-lr-Stu.jpg
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      On a daily basis if given notice.
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