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A very patient and dedicated French native speaker, I tailor my lessons to the students' needs. I hold a Master's Degree in Humanities with English and a diploma to teach French as a Foreign Language. I am accredited to administer DELF/DALF A1-C1.

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      A teacher for over 6 years, I have quite a diverse experience as I've been working in an Alliance francaise, a language centre, two adult education centres and two tutoring agencies. My first teaching experience was as a language assistant in Preston, Lancashire. I've had students ranging from 7 years old to 65, from absolute beginners to advanced levels. I've given private and group classes and intensive courses (up to 7h a day), in schools and companies. I have over 2000 teaching hours, including more than 700 hours of private tuition.

      Whether you are a student taking GCSE or A levels in French and need confidence for your exam or you are a professional willing to have a proper conversation with your French colleagues or clients, or just want to enjoy your next holidays in a French-speaking country, whether on a daily basis or intensive classes, we will first talk about what YOU are looking for and how I will help you to achieve your language goals.
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      I am available 7 days a week, at whatever time is convenient for the students.
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