London Cantonese Chinese Tutor

Regular FREE trial lessons held at British Library.

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      Native Cantonese speaker & tutor from Hong Kong
      - Teaching Cantonese and reading & writing Chinese since 2004
      - I am patient, approachable and fun
      - self-written teaching materials base on existing literature, teaching experience, feedback from students and Educational psychology principles
      - 'Direct method' - use of English is avoided in class from the first lesson
      - references from students available on request
      - flexible time and venue
      - affordable

      - My students come from a wide range of backgrounds from medical professionals to GCSE students
      I currently offer spoken Cantonese programs as well as Reading & Writing Chinese sessions to adults and GCSE/'A'-level students.

      For more information, samples of textbooks, lesson schedules and contact details, please go to the website (Google - 'can4every1')

      * CRB certificate available
      FREE trial session held regularly at British Library, go to website for details.
      *1 Besides working in London, I also travel outside London for lessons.
      *2 Non-obligatory FREE trial lessons available
      *3 Group classes now recruiting. Go to my website for details!
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    1. Availability

      I teach at my students' office, school or home. I am flexible with time and venue.
    1. Subjects Taught

      Cantonese chinese
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