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Physics and Maths tutor based in Leeds

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      I am Andrew Sellers, an expert tutor of Physics and Mathematics currently based in Leeds. Whether you need one or two sessions to prepare for exams or resits, or an ongoing programme of tutoring to complement studies at school or uni, I can help! You will find me knowledgeable, friendly, competent and reliable.

      Available to tutor Physics and Mathematics from GCSE to degree level in the Leeds area. Also available to tutor related topics - please contact me to discuss further.

      I am highly qualified with eight years of tutoring experience, both one-to-one and to larger classes and workshops. I was formerly employed by Queen Mary, University of London to teach Physics and Engineering undergraduates. Other previous tutoring experience includes:
      • Teaching Maths and Physics to A-Level and GCSE students;
      • A wide variety of subjects for undergraduate University students in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Nursing, Economics and Business Studies;
      • Rock and Soil Mechanics, and Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Masters students;
      • Statistical methods for Healthcare professionals;
      • Designing a course in Physics for Philosophy PhD students;
      • Advanced mathematics for economics to professionals in the City of London.
      Academic qualifications: I hold a Masters Degree (First Class Honours) in Physics from the University of Manchester, and have two years of postgraduate research experience in Mathematical Physics.

      Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more!
      Best wishes,
      Andrew, Last Modified: Dec 30, 2014 Last Seen: Apr 17, 2015,
    1. Availability

      Weekday evenings, Weekends evenings and daytime.
    1. Subjects Taught

      Physics and mathematics
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