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I work 9-5 Mon-Fri and play football on Thursday nights. My jobs for the last 4 year require me to train all new staff.

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      26 year old male, looking to earn extra money, no real teaching experience but intelligent and down to earth. I have taught English while in Korean but only part time for fun while spending 8 weeks out there. Currently working in sales at a company called Equifax while I pass my Project Management Prince 2, educated to a BENG Hons level, I have a 2.2 Degree in Chemical Engineering, I think I would be ideal as a tutor up to A2 (A-Level) for Maths, Chemistry, Geography and Physics. In which I gained A s at GCSE level but only B s at A2 level.
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      Weekends, and after 6pm weekdays, excluding Thursdays
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