Lanarkshire Scotland Guitar Tutor

Excellent guitar lessons on acoustic or electric by experienced musician/teacher over 30 years.Learn in the comfort of your own home.References and disclosure available upon request.

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      I currently have guitar lesson students ranging from seven to seventy seven. I mainly teach on a one to one basis. I don teach from home. I would highly recommend weekly one hour lessons.

      My charges are £ 20.00 per hour which includes additional material e.g. sheet music, tabs, cds, etc. My travel costs are also included and travelling time.

      The only other outlay you will have is for the book Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method for Plectrum Guitar Grade 1 approx. £ 5.00.A guitar and electronic tuner would also be recommended.

      I base my lessons on reading music and providing a comprehensive knowledge on guitar technique although after a few lessons supplement this with working on songs anything from The Eagles to Green Day or Franz Ferdinand.

      I currently am very busy and cannot offer any block discount at the moment. Can you please advise where you are based and also where you found my details.
      Many thanks for your interest.
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      Weekdays 4.30 until 9.30 PM; Saturdays 11.30 until 5.00 PM
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