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Friendly :), experienced and qualified Native Speaker of French gives on-line French tutoring from beginners to advanced learners / 14 pounds per hour

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      My name is Marjorie, I come from Brittany, France.

      I am a 30 year-old native french tutor and I would like to share my passion for my mother tongue with anyone who wishes to learn or improve their French, via a new method:

      TUTORING LIVE FROM FRANCE. It's a revolution!

      You simply need your computer (using Skype), a webcam and a microphone.

      I will be on online, real time, to teach you French. It is just like a french lesson with a private tutor, with much more advantages:

      *You don't need to move, you don't waste your time!
      *Cheaper than a private teacher (no moving expenses).
      *flexible timetable.
      *Learn wherever you are.
      * Native qualified teacher testifies to your improvement, reach your goal faster.

      The online tutoring I provide is friendly and personalised so that your objective is efficiently reached! My aim is to make you feel confident with French language.

      Whether you need help for your French exam, improve your level (grammar, conversation...) or be ready for your next holidays in France, I'm here to help!

      A bientôt!
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