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      I am 37 years old and a university senior lecturer and senior university teaching fellow. I have won a number of institutional and regional teaching awards and have also been nominated for a national teaching award. I have a PhD in biochemistry and a university teaching qualification.

      I am an experienced tutor (25+ students). I have extensive experience teaching at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate study, which means I understand the skills and knowledge required to be successful at university. More importantly, I have 11 years experience as a private tutor, with a strong track record. These include a number of students who achieved the grades they required to study medicine.

      My approach to tutoring is flexible as it depends on what the tutee requires and learning styles. However, one particularly important method is the introduction of exam questions from the first session (especially at A level). My approach is informal and also employs videos and the chance to ask as many questions as you wish.
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