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    Are you looking for a friendly, professional lady tutor for your child’s English and maths education? Then consider Janie’s Mobile School. Our private tutor Chesterfield will teach your child in all the basics of the written English Language.

    Whilst teaching your child through our English private tuition Chesterfield programs, we will make sure that they are well on the way to moving up a level in school. We pride ourselves in the private tutoring of English to children in our Primary level, which includes all children aged between 5 and 11 years old. Get your child’s education in English to a good start with mobile private tuition Chesterfield right from Year 1. Your child will then be given a good chance to build up their confidence in this level, to achieve their goals later in their lives.

    Private tutor Chesterfield will not rush your child through the levels to keep them in line with school. We teach the National Curriculum, but at their pace, not the schools. From past experience, if you try to push your child to achieve the level recommended at school at such a young age they will soon become disheartened. Then your child will give up on their education, and start to become disruptive.

    Let your child enjoy their Primary School years without the added stress. Schools are expecting such high targets from pupils these days, which sometimes can cause their under-developed brains to feel unable to cope. With Janie’s Mobile School, they will work at their own pace, and at their own level. Build your child’s confidence first; if they are struggling academically then the hard work can begin.

    Our mobile private tuition Chesterfield English program begins with the basics. We will teach your child skills to increase their grammar and vocabulary. This will help your child to understand how sentences are formed, so that when they move up to Secondary Level their essay writing will be on target for the next challenge.

    During their private tutoring Chesterfield lessons, we will incorporate in to each lesson reading, writing and spelling.

    For the first half of the lesson we concentrate on spellings, where they will be given a set of words to learn at home. Each set of words will contain a phonetic sound, which will also aid in their reading skills. Reading is something that is also taught in the first half, which will include learning phonetic blends as well as common words used to build up their vocabulary. Lastly, we teach handwriting skills. Learning to draw the lowercase letters from a to z correctly at this age, will prepare them for joining up later.

    Like with our Mathematics Primary Level program we teach English by using dyslexic learning methods. If your child has been diagnosed in dyslexia, let us know so that we can adapt our teaching accordingly.

    Both Keystage 1 and 2 English programs can be taught with or without homework.
    Want to get your child some private tuition Chesterfield in English contact us now, and let’s get their first lesson on the way. Take a look at our low, competitive fees.
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