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    You may know how to make good notes already. Even so, I thought I would share with you some strategies that I have found successful.
    First off: have a couple of good books that you can consult when reading about a particular topic. That way you get the benefit of different Physics experts' knowledge. You get their "versions" of the topic. You may have a tutor and you will get his / her "version" of the topic. These versions should be fairly similar, but you may find one version easier to understand than the others.
    Second off: You may "borrow" the same words, phrases or sentences that these authors have used and you can write them into your notes.
    KEY TIP:- you must NOT put into your notes any word, phrase or sentence that has not passed the following test:
    Ask "Do I really understand this word / phrase / sentence ? "
    If your honest answer is "NO, I don't really understand it !"
    Then do NOT put that word / phrase / sentence into your notes, until you do understand it. That forces you to stop and get clarification.
    I used this rule when I was trying to understand Physics - in the beginning I had to stop frequently, until I got my questions answered in a way that I could understand, before I could continue writing my notes. It was very annoying and frustrating - at first - but as time passed I did not have to stop so often.
    I persevered . . . . and slowly I built up a set of notes that contained ONLY sentences that I understood, not a load of stuff just put in to please some teacher or to meet some deadline ! I was the author of those notes !
    Many months later I had forgotten much of the material but I knew that I had a set of notes that I could use for revision, safe in the knowledge that all the stuff I had written in there I had understood at the time of writing - and that made revision a much less stressful experience.
    In the future your big exams will be happening a long time after the topic is done in school and it is all the more important to compile a set of notes of which YOU are the author and in which you can be confident.
    I hope you find my advice helpful. Good luck in your studies !
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