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    Since I started tutoring fourteen years ago, I have come across many A level students who have initially expressed to me that they hate Mathematics including my own daughter who has just graduated from Middlesex University. There are no clear answers when I have asked them why. From all of them I could sense that the main problem is that mathematics is taught as numbers not as language that is used to communicate like any other languages used in communication among people. For example, in my medical background, if 2 stands for left kidney it’s important that all the medical professionals including nurses, surgeons, junior doctors, anaestheticand others understand and communicate in this way. If for example, a senior surgeon knows that 2 stands for right kidney, mistakes are more likely to happen where in theatre, the health right kidney is removed instead leaving the diseased left kidney. Therefore mathematics should not be taught as numbers but as language which is used to communicate like any other subject. Teaching mathematics this way and using everyday life examples in the house has made many of the students I have tutored to see the reality, relevance and use of mathematics and they have always liked it and because they have liked it they have ended up getting better grades than they had expected including that of my own daughter. Many of the students I have tutored have come to me because they have been offered the a university place on condition that they pass mathematics which forced them to do mathematics whether they liked it or not. Life should not be in this way. Students need to study mathematics because they like it and they see its use in their everyday lives. The only way to achieve is to use examples of everyday life when teaching or tutoring mathetmatics. Many of the students I have tutored maths since 1999 have found it well simplified and my methods of tutoring and explaining very easy and useful. They have always wanted to come back so that they can continue to be taught by myself. More importantly they have done very well in their examinations. I do cover maths for the most United Kingdom main examination bodies. If you need help with maths go to examsolutionprovider.com website

    Dr Fletcher M Phiri
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