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    Your Big Brains Maths tutor has travelled the world, filming real life maths questions.

    Rob skydives, swims with humpback whales, stands on an erupting volcano and visits the great Pyramids of Egypt and much more, just to make your maths lessons more interesting. He is the most extreme and inspirational teacher on the internet today. This is why hundreds of students use his lessons to help them with their homework, school work and exam revision.

    Rob is a fully qualified maths teacher with over 12 years' experience. He has taught in mixed comprehensive schools, a single sex grammar school and has even taught in New Zealand.
    Rob has tutored hundreds of students of all abilities through their exams and has up to date knowledge of the curriculum, so you can be sure you’re being taught correctly.

    Rob has worked in grammar schools and mixed comprehensive schools and has tutored students of all levels. With over 12 years experience you can be sure you are being taught the easiest methods.

    In 2006 Rob decided to learn how to skydive solo. Since then Rob has done over 650 skydives. In 2007 Rob became british national Skysurfing gold medalist which involves doing tricks whilst skydiving on a surf board at 200 mph. In many of Robs lessons he uses films of him in freefall to help teach concepts.

    In maths lessons skydiving can be used in distance time graphs and velocity time graphs.

    In 2012 Rob travelled to Nepal to climb Mt Everest. He filmed lessons whilst climbing the mountain on topics like the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Ultra violet light and the low oxygen environment of high altitude climbing.

    A cool fact is that you weigh less on Mt Everest as the gravitational force is less the higher you get form the centre of the earth. Robs documentary on Mt Everest has received over 500,000 views on youtube.

    Rob also regularly flys in the indoor skydive tunnels here in the UK which are perfectly safe for school trips- the best Maths or Physics lesson you will ever experience.
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