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    A Key fact about your A Level Maths is the fact that YOU need to be in absolute control of your subject from the very onset. You want to be able to make an excellent grade right from the start, so how do you approach your studies ? Many students , at the start of the academic year, are still in , what i refer to as 'the GCSE mode'. Especially you would find students at both ends of the attainment spectrum- those who attained an A/A* Grade and those obtaining B/C- still reminiscing over the past year's success or disappointment, and so fail to actually have a "fresh start". Due to this, many have suffered the consequences: having to re-sit some, if not all, of their AS papers.
    How do you give yourself a head start?
    1. Be well Equipped. Ensure that you acquaint yourself with your school's subject area of speciality. This will ensure that you enrol on courses that you are most likely to get the strongest support- do not settle for any less! Additionally, ensure you have access to textbooks and their corresponding revision guides or websites, that would easily serve as self-help as well as revision tools.
    2. Give yourself a 'fresh start'. Embrace the new year with a positive mind. Whichever topics that you thought were your strenghths or weaknesses might present you with fresh challenges. So being positive will mean that you focus intently during lessons and most importantly give your new teacher your apt attention. You will be pleasantly surprised what you are able to gain out of your lessons, as a result. Try not to dwell on past mistakes. Because we cannot undo them! What you are in control of, is what happens from now and beyond.
    Be alert to fresh opportunities , even to offer yourself in explaining a concept to your classmate. Make sure you grab those opportunities, because they give you the 'golden chance' to make a positive impression .
    3. Seek Support . Do not leave any challenging areas in your learning to chance. If you do not seek support, support will not seek you! So ensuring that you make ample provisions for getting extra help with ALL your work will go a long way to ensure that you emerge with the BEST grade you could possibly attain. First make good use of your teacher's expertise at school. Even if that requires you to wait after school for it. You have the added option to seek out an experienced tutor , just right for your needs.
    Remember help is at hand at any stage , so do not leave it till the exams term. The sooner you make that choice of "taking ownership of your Learning", the sooner you will see your grades improve and the better your appreciation will be for this "Beautiful Subject": Mathematics.
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