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    Is it possible to 'Learn to Learn'?

    • Key concepts of 'Learning to Learn' are often ignored when it comes to revision and preparation toward exams. Taking time to muster the core principles of learning will enable you to consistently achieve. Personalised learning , with guidance is always necessary.

    • A key factor to improving your grades is a structured and progressive Learning regime. It is important that you are able to assess your own learning and to have guidance as to how to continue to make progress.

    • Always aim to exceed your target grade and to work towards this goal. It is necessary to have clear in your mind where you are in your learning, where you are expected to be and how to get there.Seek guidance and be determined to work hard. You will find out that a key difference between students who attain grade B and those that attain an A/A* grade is really attention to detail and consistency in the use of mathematical methods.

    • Do you tend to ignore your BODMAS and/or negative number principles, for instance? Do you find it a challenge to understand basic or advanced concepts in Mathematics? Then you might have a struggle with aspects of algebra that are required for an A/A* grade.

    • Working hard on these and any perceived areas of challenge will go a long way ; not only in attaining and possibly exceeding your current potential, but also helping you to enjoy learning mathematics. Never ignore any challenges or gaps in your learning; there are techniques around any seeming obstacle. Learn these and seek reliable Guidance, where necessary, and you will always be high-flying.

    • Have you noticed any hurdles in your understanding of your subject? Have you used self-study to help you overcome this first time? What about extra guidance from your teacher or tutor , to confirm to you, whether or not you are on the right path? These are searching questions that you need to ask yourself , at any instance in your learning , when you seem to have come to a 'road block'. Why not share what you learn with your classmates- taking advantage of any opportunities to explain a concept to your mate, who needs help. The more you take initiative to assist others with their 'hurdles' in learning, the more you confirm to yourself that you have fully grasped key concepts in your chosen subject.

    Aim to continue to build your confidence and those of your peers , in the classroom or beyond, with respect to learning and achievement . Then you would find yourself surrounded by those who share your zeal for success.
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