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    There is an increasing number of websites offering online games for Maths and other subjects. One such website is mangahigh.com. The games are designed to help you apply mathematical concepts in a fun way. Hoodamath.com is a similar website from USA. These websites offer free Maths games and you can have hours of fun playing Maths games and at the same revising your maths and strengthening your understanding of the topics.

    However, if you wish to reap maximum benefits from online games, then you need to follow some basic guidelines as follows:
    1. Decide before hand the topic you would like to revise e.g Adding and Subtracting fractions

    2. Go through the topic either in a revision guide or online guide. Know the main concepts involved in the topic. For example if you have chosen adding and subtracting fractions, know and understand the method involved in adding and subtracting fractions. Look at some examples and try one or two questions yourself.

    3. Now look for suitable online games that will test your skills at adding and subtracting fractions.

    4. Make sure you chose the right level of difficulty to keep you challenged e.g. easy, medium or hard.

    5. Play and enjoy the game while at the same time revising your Maths topic.

    6. Note any difficulty you came across while palying the game to help you identify your weak areas in that topic. Ask your teacher or tutor for help with the questions you were not able to answer.

    I hope you this short article will help you have fun playing online maths games and at that same time improve your Maths.

    Best of Luck

    Maths and Science tutor
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