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    Most tutees receive private tuition from me for an hour a week or an hour a fortnight. In that time it has not been possible for me to go over all aspects of the A Level/GCSE or IB Geography Syllabus. When students have requested it I have covered a particular topic or key question, but issues (or weak spots) often arise during lessons and emerge from exam questions completed. It has proven helpful if students prepare questions before a tutorial on topics or issues with which they are experiencing difficulties. It is advisable for these key issues roll over one lesson to the next.

    In my teaching I have concentrated on Exam Techniques and improving A Level/GCSE grades: - how to approach A Level/GCSE exam questions; how to complete a strong answer; and what Examiners look for in the highest level/grades. My many years experience as an IB, A Level & GCSE Examiner helps me guide students through the exam techniques required in these type of exams. I always play close attention to Examiners' Mark schemes and Examiner's Reports. So much can be learnt from them on how to improve grades and develop detailed exam techniques.

    If you choose me as a tutor I will clearly go into exam techniques in detail. This has worked very well with students I have taught over the past few years (as my testimonials confirm). All have improved their grades at re-sits and improved their understanding of Geography. The other aspect of my tutoring I have focused on has been to ensure every student has developed appropriate Case Studies. These are available from a number of sources, especially on 'geofile' or 'geoactive', but these web sites are only available to schools via subscription. I would highly recommend any of the published Revision Guides, for example those issued by Edexcel or AQA at around £8 per exam unit.

    Teaching those of a younger age (Key Stage 3) has involved me in the teaching of actual topics in English & Maths, not so much exam techniques. This ensures the students' basic Maths & English are improved and strengthened.

    I always set homework tasks for tutees, be it a past exam question or some sums on the topic under discussion. Also I often set tutees 'vocabulary assessments' to ensure their understanding of an exam topic.
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