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    Why do I need a Tutor?
    This is a question that most people may be asking themselves if they think they require a tutor.
    The answer might well be a simple one.
    Maybe you don’t.
    However if you have thought carefully about your options then tuition may well be the best option for you. Tuition can be useful for building both skills and confidence.
    From experience, the abilities students acquire are not always easily assessed by pen and paper, chalk and slate or even standardised test, but the real self confidence that they can achieve with tuition.
    This is an invaluable element that tuition can build into each pupil.
    Therefore the real question should be- Can I afford not to have a tutor?
    True tuition when done correctly and effectively adds value far beyond what you pay for, indeed far beyond the discrete subject you may struggle in.
    Real tuition develops transferable skills abilities and strategies that no student can be without.

    The main thing that parents seem to struggle with themselves is; How do I show my child in the way school expects/understands?
    My answer to this would be; why is your child being taught one particular way?
    Teachers should present information/issues and allow students to work ways around or through these problems, teaching should never be about working one particular way to solve a particular task. Where is the skill in that? You only then learn how to answer questions or solve problems when they are in the format you are familiar with.

    As an adult when faced with a difficulty do you think- Hmmm I wonder if I remember how Mrs Jones taught me to complete this problem? Or do you find your own solution to any issue that arises? I think the answer is clear. Tuition raises the bar and meets clients where they are up to, build and expanding confidence in every area.
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